‘Crashing Through The Snow’ Hallmark Movie Premiere: Trailer, Synopsis, Cast

‘Crashing Through The Snow’ Hallmark Movie Premiere: Trailer, Synopsis, Cast

Hallmark Channel is bringing the holiday spirit back to television screens for the month of July, and while fans will be able to once again enjoy some former festive favorites, they will also be able to experience a new film as well, with the premiere of “Crashing Through The Snow,” starring Amy Acker and Warren Christie.

The movie will be a treat for Hallmark fans, because it brings together two stars who are well-versed in holiday fare. Acker previously starred in Hallmark Drama’s “A Nutcracker Christmas” and the film “Dear Santa,” and has also lent her talents to the Hallmark movie “A Novel Romance.” Outside of holiday movies and Hallmark, she may be recognizable from her roles as Kate Strucker on “The Gifted” and Esther Edelstein on “Suits.”

As for Christie, he just starred in Hallmark’s “If I Only Had Christmas” in 2020. He is also well-known for his roles as Jude Silva on “The Resident” and Nick Porter on “The Village.”

So what will happen when these two team up for a new holiday flick? Hijinks await as their two characters hatch a plan, according to a synopsis.

“Maggie (Acker) and her ex-husband, Jeff (Kristian Bruun) have always been friends first. When Jeff’s new girlfriend, Kate (Brooke Nevin), spontaneously invites Maggie along on their Christmas getaway in Aspen, she jumps at the chance to spend the holiday away with her two daughters,” the synopsis reads.

However, Maggie soon feels like she’s nothing more than a third wheel, as it becomes clear that she isn’t quite fitting in. However, when she meets Kate’s brother Sam (Christie), things begin to look up, as he has a plan to make sure that Maggie has a great Christmas—and he can finally step out of his sister’s shadow.

“He convinces Maggie that together, they can help give her daughters their best Christmas ever,” the synopsis continues. “But neither of them is adequately prepared for the blended family challenges that lie ahead—or the feelings they develop for one another.”

“Crashing Through the Snow” premieres Saturday, July 10 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

Crashing Through The Snow Amy Acker and Warren Christie Star in “Crashing Through The Snow.” Photo: Crown Media LLC/Steven Ackerman

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