The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

Does anyone else feel as though breaking down The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would be met with a lot of derision and possibly anger? No? Okay then. The show wasn’t terrible to be certain, but if there’s going to be another season then there’s a huge question that needs to be answered first. What’s it going to be called? After all, at the end of the finale, there was a title change to Captain America and The Winter Soldier, and it’s been established that Bucky has left the Winter Soldier aspect behind, so that leaves, what? It was a little tough to follow the show at times since it dipped into a lot of gray areas where one might want to blame the government for what was going on but couldn’t really blame everyone since…well, blaming everyone isn’t a worthwhile solution given that everyone isn’t making the decision to harm or otherwise inconvenience other people. The fact that Sam felt the need to lecture the senators that he’d just helped to save was all well and good since their decisions tend to mean more in the long run as they decide for the people and sometimes don’t feel as though they’re beholden to the same rules that they lay on other folks. But pandering to the audience in the way the show did felt kind of awkward since the MCU has definitely been featuring ‘woke’ ideas that a lot of people might agree with, but there haven’t been any worthwhile solutions that have been brought forth, which makes it a little too realistic for some people in terms of being able to relate to the real world. It does depend on one’s perspective, but it’s easy to think that some folks would agree that the series does mirror aspects of real-life a little too closely for comfort.

The tale of Isaiah Bradley was one of those instances when blaming the government was easy since the man had everything taken from him after he was willing to give everything to his country. Learning about Karli Morgenthau’s mission and her experiences were enough to show at least some sympathy, at least until she did something that made that next to impossible. Throughout the season it was kind of obvious that Karli was meant to be a sympathetic character that people could feel sorry for, but a lot of folks likely saw her as a misguided terrorist that was trying to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, or the wrong thing for the right reasons, or something that was supposed to be more or less good for her people but ended up looking like terrorism. In short, she didn’t come off looking like a super-soldier that had the best intentions in mind when she wasn’t trying to look after her people, and in the end, something really got confused and Sam ended up saying that the way she was had a lot to do with the people that stood against her. Some folks might have an issue with that since trying to sit down and compromise would have been preferable, but this the MCU, where they beat each other up and destroy stuff in order to get the point across. And yes, a lot of people love it.

John Walker was another addition to the MCU in this season that is bound to be a headache for a lot of people since there’s no way of knowing if US Agent is going to show up now or not since as Captain America, Walker was definitely a less than desirable character given that he has a temper and isn’t anywhere near as good of a fighter as Steve Rogers was. This is was another point of the season that kind of fell flat at times as well since Sam isn’t a bad fighter and he’s great with his wings, but Bucky is supposed to be a guy that’s deadly at any given time since he was trained to be an assassin by HYDRA. Overall, the fighters in this show really aren’t the caliber that Bucky and Sam were fighting during the movies, which is why it’s confusing that the super-soldiers, who are decent fighters but not great, would give them such trouble. Bucky went one on one with Black Panther for a bit, and while he might have lost he was still holding his own against a guy that would have torn the Flag Smashers apart. This is another reason why some of the heroes feel a little too weak for the liking of many fans but just entertaining enough to sit through season 1. If there’s a season 2 it won’t be much of a surprise, but again, it’s a wonder what it will be called. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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